Leak detection and repair
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Water leaks in your home can be difficult to find. Stains in sheetrock, ceilings, and hardwood flooring are all good indicators that a leak is present, but it doesn't always present itself openly. In fact, many leaks are not visible at all. Locating and repairing these leaks is tedious work, requiring the right training, equipment, and experience to properly fix the problem. Special equipment is necessary, and the correct training to go along with it.
We offer complete leak detection as part of our wide array of available services. Using the most sophisticated equipment, we are able to pinpoint with incredible accuracy the source of the leak. Whether behind a wall or under a concrete slab, our leak detection equipment will quickly find the problem by using a high-frequency listening device to zero in on minute pressure differences within the pipes. By the use of the latest equipment we are able to pinpoint several problem areas at once.