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Installation Instructions
Turn the water supply. Flush the toilet and sponge the remaining water. Disconnect the water connections. Remove the old cap bolts, toilet, and T-bolts, and scrape the old wax seal from the closet flange. Record the model number on the owner’s Guide. The bottom of the cup, firmly press the new seal around the outlet of the bowl. Remove the cloth, and (if used) from the closet flange. With three bolt tank, pre-collected through the gasket hole, place the tank on the bowl with a focus on the gasket on the inlet of the bowl. Put washers and nuts to bolts of the tank. Tighten the three nuts so that the tank level. Make sure the nuts well enough to achieve a watertight seal. Adjust the tank water to the water line marked by pressing and sliding the C-clip on the stick float. To increase the water level, slide clips C-ups. To lower the water level, slide down the C-clips.